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Methods for hair extensions
We invite you to a reputable service extension and thickening of hair!
 Extension (coupling) of hair are made of special care and concern for customers, accurately choosing hair color, their structure and length.
 We work on the hair of European, Slavic, Indian, and synthetic, having regard to the style and attention clients.
 We offer a wide range of colors and lengths, we also provide reflections and balejaze, and styling hair after the treatment.
 We offer several methods of HAIR EXTENSIONS, including:
METHOD keratin - consisting of natural hair strands connecting the strands of hair extensions with     keratin invisible seam. Keratin is warmed by means of welding and formed the band in a small hair seal customers. We work with reputable tools (welder - it is a simple and professional system of coupled strands using the technology of thermal energy. Equipment of innovatively designed applicator tip PTFE. Digital display shows temperature which if necessary can be set appropriately. Smaller seals keratin (especially when bang and the temples, where the scalp is very delicate) created using the welding of thinner ends. Her tips are made of lightweight aluminum with Teflon antyprzylepnego quality. special applicator design provides the most precise and accurate results.
 Hair made by keratin can be worn from 3 to 6 months. Remove seals keratin special liquid-remover, without disturbing the structure of natural hair.
METHOD sleeves (MICRO RINGS) - which consists of combining strands of natural hair with highlights hair extensions with small sleeves made of copper. Sleeves are very light and hassle-free wear. This method is often called EASY HAIR EXTENSION due to easy application and photo sleeves. Clench sleeves twice, so wearing them does not make unpleasant surprises in the form of slide. Her hair started using sleeves are removed using special cazek. Removal treatment lasts from half an hour. Establishment of bushes 1-2 hours is recommended for fine hair, thin and sensitive.
 Her hair was founded by sleeve can be worn 3 months. After this period, there is an opportunity to establish the same hair again when changing only the sleeves.

METHOD CLIP-IN - consisting of wpinaniu hair sewn on the belt by means of special clips, small clips. This method is ideal for single parties, or weddings. For women who do not want to prolong the hair permanently.
Types of Hair
ASIAN HAIR - perfectly thick and easy.
INDIAN HAIR - very sensitive to alignment, fine, but thick. They are often dry, require humidification,
SLAVIC HAIR - very good hair in the market because of their innocence, strength, and strong structure. Often, not dyed, nor subjected to any chemical treatments.
EUROPEAN HAIR - the most popular in the art of renewal. And also some of the best hair on the market. There are versions NON-REMY and REMY. Hair REMY hair is selected in such a way that their scales are pointing down, so do not cry at the combing. Hairs are often found sewn on tape, but also in the final pasemkach, so. Nail Hair and Stick Hair. European hair can be dyed. Hair spasemkowane usually weigh 0.5-0.8 grams per band, so as to not burden too natural hair strands, which are Trailed. This differs from Slavic hair that have been cleaned, and the selected template pofarbowane colors.
Synthetic hair - made of materials that better mimic natural hair, hair more often called "semi-natural." Often you can straighten straightener to 120 degrees.

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW about hair extensions:
 Wash your hair in an upright position, preferably in the shower, do not tangle hair when washing, do not wash in circular motions and gently massaging with your fingertips or place miedzyzgrzewowe spaces between the joints, hair brush gently compressing extended the entire length, so that they do not tangle and should noted that wlosyprzedluzane require much finer than human hair care products. Be careful to wash your hair at a hairdressing washer without precision can be skoltunic.
 For cleaning use a moisturizing shampoo and after washing, masks, moisturizing conditioners and sprays (eg, silk), the hair extended need for intensive rehydration. We recommend: Products MOROCCANOIL SERIES OIL-NUTRITIVE Schwarzkopf Gliss, LONG HAIR IS prone to splitting (SERIES dark yellow), Matrix Loreal hair curly and permed (series green) or Matrix Sleek look - hair curly (orange series) - shampoo and mask.
 OFTEN WITH COSMETICS Unprofessional shops and supermarkets NOT SUITABLE FOR AND HAIR extensions, destroy them, even after one use.
 Not recommended for use not proven care products that contain alcohol, because alcohol dries your hair renewed, as well as bad for the joints, as well as ceramide and proteins, which might cause confusion hair. Natural hair can be dried with hot air dryers, arrange them according to discretion, and straighten straightener, curling iron model, with that when using the / w tools, hairdressing, hair must be secured such SPRAY OIL-NUTRITIVE (w / w).
 Comb the hair starting from the lower ends, moving upward, combing, especially wet hair, gently hold the hair at the base, before combing the hair with a towel to dry well, but do not tie a turban of the towel so as not to tangle the hair. Do not forget to keep hair in an upright position, at every stage of their care. Do not rub hair, do not keep them too long in the towel. Do not let dry before combing your hair! Comb your hair immediately after washing, wet!
 When drying your hair dryer to dry the end, especially around the joints, do not leave no dry hair.
 For sports, swimming in the pool - tie hair in a braid.
 After a dip in the pool (chlorinated water), in the sea - to wash or rinse hair.
 At least once a month is recommended to carefully comb through the hair, separating strands, for example, it can be done at the hairdresser, to control the joints.
 The hair is combed with a special double-adjustable brush bristles, which we wyczesuje miedzyzgrzewowe spaces, BE VERY GENTLY comb!, DO NOT PULL!
 To prevent tangled hair, comb first and then tie your hair up to sleep in the tail.
 Never go to bed with wet, do not rozczesanymi or not related to hair.
 After the service extension is not recommended to wash your hair about 2 days, so that the seams are constituted.
 The hair extensions can make all the styling treatments, including the comb back them, arranged in a coil, tie, hair quickly become twisted.
 Natural hair can be dyed (as indicated by experience). A good way to refresh hair coloring is just the crown of the head or shoots.

  SPECIAL Hair Care and wavy:
 Wavy or curly hair care is as permed hair, which is recommended to use cosmetics and supplements recommended by us.
 Curly hair combed wet - it prevents them puszeniu in length is recommended to comb hair comb with widely spaced teeth.
 Knead for drying hair to make them prettier structure.
 Tie hair in a braid to sleep.
 Curly and wavy hair is not recommended for dyeing.
 Should be based on the opinions of professionals in the field HAIR EXTENSIONS. DO NOT ATTEMPT to Test Cosmetics, OR OTHER TREATMENTS hairdressers in hair, because you can destroy them.

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